Academic institutions make educated choices.

Official transcripts, scholarships, application packages, recruitment catalogs, and diplomas are a sampling of academic items that are mailed or delivered in sealed envelopes. To meet those needs, we provide a multitude of secure, protective envelope products such as:

  • DuPont Tyvek® - Classy texture, lightweight, water, and tear-resistant.
  • Board Mailers - Light gloss finish rigid straight jacket with a printing process that includes a special UV Dryer system so the ink doesn't smear or offset.
  • Tamper Evident - Includes an internal RED seal tape that can't be resealed. When opened, the red strip breaks and is evident the envelope has been opened.
  • Herculink® - Reinforced fiber provides superior protection against bursting, while its poly layer provides moisture resistance.
  • Guardian - Secure against RFID detection at 13.56 MHz. It protects chips and stripes from scratching and moisture.
  • FiberCraft® EF - Environmentally friendly, durable, made from 76% recycled paper.
  • Tri-Brite® - The brightest of bright, tear-resistant envelopes.

In addition to larger envelopes, student IDs and key cards can be protected in 2-1/4" x 3-1/2" DuPont Tyvek® credit card envelopes or Guardian envelopes which protect against RFID detection.

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