Tri-Brite® envelopes are designed to ensure that contents arrive safely, securely, and cost-effectively. They combine the benefits of a bright paper with the durability of a synthetic paper using a paper/film/paper construction. Tri-Brite® envelopes provide a strong, moisture-resistant packaging system with a bright printing surface.

Tri-Brite® Benefits

Print, Ship, and Shine with Tri-Brite® Envelopes

Durable shipping with a bright white canvas perfect for print.

Looks Can Be Deceiving

Tri-Brite® appears to be a lightweight paper grade but, in fact, it performs like a real heavyweight.

Simplify Your Printing Process

Because it's easier to print on than other substrates, Tri-Brite® could potentially save you both time and money when protection is critical.

Flat Envelopes

Open End | Zip Stick® | Flaps Folded | 500/Carton

Flat Envelopes

Open Side | Inside Side Seams | Zip Stick® | Flaps Folded | 500/Carton