With their toughness and durability, Herculink® envelopes are a strong choice for all your safe packaging needs. Herculink's® uniquely textured, reinforced fiber design makes it burst and tear resistant, while its poly barrier adds water resistance. Its durability is second to none. Put some power behind your choice in envelopes and ship with Herculink®.

Herculink® Features

  • Textured design and look
  • Burst and tear resistance

Durable and Moisture Resistant

Used by graphic designers for high-end clients for its protective properties and durability.

Distinct and Rigid

The healthcare industry uses Herculink® because of its distinct look and rigidity.

Ink-Jet Compatible

With the right ink-jet system, Herculink® provides the capability of personalization at the point of fulfillment.


Made with a PEFC sheet, Herculink® does not reduce or diminish our forests.