When Nate Bower, a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, graduated from UC Berkley in 1950, he worked in sales at National Envelope.

Along with business partner John McGraw, he realized the potential of the envelope industry and started Western Envelope in San Francisco in 1953. It was there that Brooks Bower, Nate’s son, was initiated into the industry—by sweeping the floors on Saturdays.

Soon after selling his original company, in 1964 Nate and partner Ira Lynch opened Papercone Corporation, a plant that originally manufactured paper collars for advertising on bottles. Representative of his deep-seeded investment in his father’s company, Brooks was there to unload the first truck of paper that was delivered.

In 1975, Brooks joined the family business full-time and in 1978 opened the Louisville, KY plant.

Papercone thrived in Louisville, a location that allowed the company to market toward the larger east coast market, and in 2000 the company made a difficult decision to close its original California plant. Today, more than 50 years after the company’s inception, Brooks Bower leads Papercone as CEO, and the family business has evolved into a leading producer of specialty envelopes.

Papercone has grown from one visionary entrepreneur to over 125 employees who work together to make the family-owned company an industry leader.

Under Brooks Bower’s leadership, Papercone continues to produce world-class products while remaining rooted in its humble, hard-working beginnings. Today, Papercone’s products, services, and values are unparalleled in the industry.

Mr. Nate Bower, Papercone founder.
Brooks and Nate Bower, 1978.